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Articles published in Cosmetic Design magazine:

1. Israel market overview,

2. Personalization,

3. Protecting humans and the environment,

4. Anti-ageing,

5. Beauty supplements,

6. Natural ingredients,

7. Middle East market overview



1. Israel's beauty market: innovative cosmetic products and ingredients

In this series, we take a look at five major trends defining the beauty market in Israel: personalization, anti-ageing, beauty supplements, the environment and safety, and natural ingredients.




2. Beauty trends in Israel: Natural ingredients

26-Oct-2018 By Liana Naim & Miriam Oron

One market making a focus on innovating natural ingredients is Israel - including marine-related ingredients, a hyaluronic acid alternative, and natural preservatives. This guest article explores the trend.




3. Beauty trends in Israel: personalisation

02-Nov-2018 By Liana Naim & Miriam Oron

How does the consumer demand for personalised beauty take shape in the Israeli beauty market? This guest article explores the trend.



4. Beauty trends in Israel: Protecting humans and the environment

09-Nov-2018 By Liana Naim & Miriam Oron

Many new products protect skin from environmental stressors such as, UV, pollution, blue light and allergens. Two top environmental concerns are sun radiation and urban pollution.



5. Beauty trends in Israel: Anti-ageing

16-Nov-2018 By Liana Naim & Miriam Oron

The blessing of a hot and sunny climate – and the resulting need for skin protection – is a driving force behind the Israeli development of extensive lines of skin care products. Responding to a local need, Israel has become a world leader in developing skin care products that protect against premature aging and photo-aging



6. Beauty trends in Israel: Beauty-boosting food supplements

07-Dec-2018 By Liana Naim & Miriam Oron

Many skin conditions are consequential of internal factors such as health-related issues, vitamin deficiency, etc. Beauty-boosting supplements are an incredibly effective way of combating conditions such as dull skin and loss of glow. Many dermatologists are recommending food supplements to women for treating skin from the inside.



7. The Middle East market

The Middle East shows the same growth as the global market. This growth is driven by an increase of a young and aspirational population who invest in grooming, their appearance and generally in maintenance of their health.

14-Dec-2018 By Liana Naim & Miriam Oron



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