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The Resdevco Company's Platform is a paradigm change in drug development.

The Company's knowhow constitutes a platform that restores the production level of proteins in the cell to achieve healing via Regulation of Gene Expression Modification.

In other words what we do is not genetic modifications. We do not change, remove or add to the DNA sequence and thus we do not interfere with genetics

But we are able to achieve healing efficacy in a safe and affordable way involving the regulation of gene expression


All products are based on this platform, heal the tissue and restore a symptom free state

The products are unique, effective, natural and safe.

Therefore, some of our products provide the best treatment on the market

Our products address dry and inflammatory conditions as:

  • Dry eye syndrome , Sjögren's syndrome and Conjunctivochalasis
  • Dry skin , Atopic Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Seborrheic Dermatitis and Photo Aging
  • Dry nose symptom , prevention of Otitis media
  • Vaginal environment Treatment
  • Unique skin/topical/oral products developed from Gelatinized red algae (seaweed) derived from the mediterranean
  • Transparent Paste for relief of Cold Sores - Improved formulation from natural ingredients



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