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Cooperation with OneDay Biotech and Pharma Ltd

OneDay – Biotech and Pharma Ltd. is a privately owned pharmaceutical company engaged in researching and developing novel peptides for treating multiple clinical indications

OneDay's products address significant unmet medical needs in areas of high commercial value

The company now focuses on 5 development projects:

1. Development of short peptides based on research by Prof. Daphne Atlas, Hebrew University, developing a family of Thioredoxin-mimetic peptides.
We are talking about tetra-peptides which are potent analogs of the active site of Thioredoxin.
The new compounds share similar structure:
where X and Y are amino-acids. The novel compounds can be used for treating also allergy, treating topical disorders such as Vitiligo, and can serve as mucolytic agents.

Developed currently for hematological disorders / Mucolytic substance / and protecting Cognitive Function impaired by mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI).

PCT (Composition of matter; Granted already in the US, Japan, China, and in the EU!).

There are three more PCTs in this project (Use patent applications).

2. Development of a unique orally available small molecule for treating NAFLD and all metabolic syndrome symptoms (including Fatty liver, NASH, Obesity and Dyslipidemia).

The development was done by Prof. Oren Tirosh; Head, school of Human Nutrition at the Faculty of Agriculture in Rehovot (Hebrew University) .

Conjugate of L-arginine and a bile acid - a possible treatment for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Published PCT and an article.

3. Innovative development for the treatment of Lupus (SLE). This study shows also a promising potential treatment for Sepsis and many other indications.

Discovered and developed by Prof Uri Wormser, HUJI.

This project received NOFAR grant from the Israeli OCS.

Published; PCT, Poster and an article.

In addition, we've recently signed MTA with the NIH/NIAMS and Dr. Mariana J. Kaplan is going to help us with the research to fully understand the MOA and the target of UBE.

4. NCE for cancer treatment, which was tested already in 3 different in-vivo models and we have very promising results in all models:

  • Lewis lung carcinoma - D122 Cells (C57BL/6 mice).
  • Breast cancer (mammary) carcinoma - 4T1 Cells (BALB/c mice).
  • Melanoma - B16-F10 Cells (C57BL/6 mice).

The molecule works using almost "homeopathic" dosages (IP) and seems very safe (30ng/kg per day, i.p.).

This project also received NOFAR grant from the Israeli OCS.

Published PCT and Poster.

5 . Development of "safe drugs" together with "HADASIT" and Prof. Yaron Ilan (specialist in internal medicine, Gastroenterology and Liver Diseases; Head of Department A of Internal Medicine in Hadassah hospital).
Research currently focusing on developing a "Safe Paracetamol" combination drug that retains the efficacy of the active ingredient as analgesic and antipyretic while significantly reduces the liver toxicity. In addition, the company develops improved Antidote for treating Paracetamol-induced acute liver failure.

Published: PCT, introduced poster at the EASL conference (London, 2014).

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