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Moisturizing non- irritating nasal-spray and soothing agent for treating Dry Nose Syndrome and long term damages of Dry Nose

Clinically proven formula to treat Dry Nose Syndrome provides immediate and on-going relief of nasal dryness & irritation with faster soothing effect

About 1% of the adult population suffers from this condition either temporarily or permanently. Condition can be caused by extensive use of allergy and runny nose products containing vasoconstrictors


  • Dry Nose syndrome
  • Chronic Rhinosinusitis Mucociliary Dysfunction
  • Prevention of Otitis media

Dry nose syndrome Prevents the side effects caused by vasoconstrictors present in many nose products


  • Protects against long term damages caused by dry and irritated Nose
  • Reduces the nose tissue’s tendency for inflammation
  • Releases restorative effect with every application
  • Easy to use, non-irritating spray

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