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LO2A product line

Unit dose, Preservation free, non Newtonian, Moisturizing eye drops


  • Acute Dry Eye
  • Chronic Dye Eye
  • Conjunctivochalasis
  • Sjögren's syndrome Dry Eye


Scientifically proven Product distinctive advantages

LO2A treats every type of DED, regardinless of it causes, not only releaving the symptoms, but in essence repairing the damaged cells.

LO2A is the only not surgical treatment in the market of Conjunctivochalasis

LO2A is the best treatment of dry eye of the patients of Sjögren's syndrome, because of the relatively rapid healing actions and no side effects.

The only unit dose eye drops that can be officially used for up to 12 hours after opening

The non-Newtonian viscosity property ensures a unique, prolonged effect of the eye drops.

LO2A is sold under the following trade names: Lacrycon, Conheal, Eyecon, Hylan, Dropyal and Xidan



Coming soon Multi dose eye drops



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