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Unique skin/topical/oral products developed from Gelatinized red algae (seaweed) derived from the mediterranean


´The industry of skin care is constantly searching for natural raw materials. The global trend is a search for substances derived from the sea, which are sustainable, available and of excellent quality.


´ The industry requires natural active ingredients which can be incorporated as new food supplements or used in toiletries and cosmetics applications. These ingredients should be steadily controlled and of uniformity production throughout the year.


´ Red Seaweed Gracilaria macro algae is rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and fibers.


Therapy with Gelatinized Red-Algae


Gelatinized Red-Algae is an edible cosmeceutical that supports natural healing.

• The material is produced in regular-salinity or reduced-salinity for different applications.

• Intake & nutraceuticals of Gelatinized red algae is evaluated for preventing diseases.

• Burn-healing – vast effect: after sun-burns therapy, Intertrigo etc.

• Wound healing – tested on Humans, serves right our friends on four.

• Oral care – treats bleeding gums, proved efficient compared to placebo-paste.

• Hemorrhoids treatment – assists healing, evaluated by pharmacists.

• Odor elimination - with prompt action. The material heals skin disorders (labeled: Pure Serum Algae Mist).

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